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News: 2008/11/11

A Monster of a microcontroller module.

The F120 (download specs) has 128K of Flash, 8K SRAM and can be clocked up to 100MHz!!!! ...and lots more.

Realistically you should be able to get up to 70 MIPS.

The module makes provision for the following options: (1) External Crystal, (2) EEPROM, (3), LM385 voltage references and (4) LED.

You can plug the module directly into a double piece of breadboard or solder it into veroboard. All the useable I/O pins

have been routed to the 84 module pins.

No time for wiring? Solder power(3.3V) directly to the board and connect to a PC via the UART RX and TX pins (requires a

level shifter), attach EC2 or EC3 programmer and you are up and running.

And when you are done developing use the same board in your production run and save of effort, money and time avoiding all

the problems with such a compact design.

News:2008/10/14(click here)

SO-8/14/16 Carrier PCBs

Prototype SMD ICs on breadboard or Veroboard.


News: 2008/10/12(click here)

Initial design of the SiLabs F310A CPU board

Why do we re-package electronic components?

Well, because most people cannot solder fine pitched components to save their lives. Many components, like the tiny 5x5mm device below (with 32 pins and ground plane!!), are very useful little devices that are out of reach for most DIY and even advanced users. The device below is a full 8051 CPU with radio transceiver. Most people won't have the chance to play with it just because it is damn near impossible, for the everyday man on the street, to make a circuit board with. Why?



Many of the newer components have a 0.8mm  to 0.5mm pin pitch. Some are even BGA (Ball grid array), FBGA (Fineline) and UFBGA(Ultra Fineline). For these type of components you need: (1) Very good quality PCB material and processes, (2) Stencils to place down solder paste and (3) High Tech 'Pick and Place' machines and soldering ovens. These costs normally make your endeavor seriously over budget for something you just want to 'check out'. AND then you need to know if your design is actually going to work!!! One misplaced, microscopic little wire, and the entire circuit is useless.

But these things should be available everywhere?

Not really. Until recently many components were available in DIP packages that you could easily press into breadboard or solder into something like Veroboard. Many DIY-ers make their own PCBs at home using common products like Tech2000 or Positive 20 photo sensitive spray, but you try and make something like the circuit above...

Now, in the pursuit of higher speed, lower EMI, lower power, more I/O and surface mount requirements the newer components are minutely small. So if you have the idea to build something, at home or cheaply in your company's electronic lab then good luck. From hobby level to high level companies, trying to build a quick prototype, are stuck going through the entire schematic, PCB layout, PCB manufacture, solder stencil, flow solder and finally testing phase.

Re-Package.COM's solution:

We take difficult to handle parts and place them on a PCB carrier with 100mil/2.54mm spaced connectors. This means that you can take the component and plug it in on a breadboard and play with it. Afterwards you don't need to layout a board with fine pitched lines, but that you can use the re-packaged component as-is. Using possibly very cheap single sided PCBs. You rather sort out the big stuff like the box, the software and the clients ... or just getting it done in the first place (as most projects fizzle to a dead stop after realizing the difficulty in assembling the small components).


What is in the pipeline for now?

We cannot do all components. It is going to cost us too much. So we are bringing out a small range of components that should suit 80% of the market. If someone needs something else (which is not that popular) we will look at what quantities are required and decide if we will include (i.e. buy a heap of components and making a batch).

Planned components:

CPUs: Based on the SiLabs range of CPUs. Each with crystal, programming port and other required resistors and capacitors. You will require a USB programmer as well.

F310(first board designed 2008/10/12): 8051, 25 MHz,16Kbyte Flash, 1Kbyte RAM, 1 UART, I2C, SPI, and I/O.

F350: 8051,50 MHz, 8Kbyte of Flash and includes a 24 bit analog to digital convertor.

F120: 8051, 100MHz monster with most basic I/O

nRF9E5: 16 MHz, external memory chips, full ISM 433/800-900MHz radio transceiver with patch antenna.


GSM: Complete solution with antenna connector and diagnostic interface

Q26: Wavecom device with built-in user programmable ARM CPU. Onboard PSU takes either 5V or 12V/24V (ideal for vehicles).

Siemens MC55i Cinterion GSM Modem: Onboard PSU. Great along with a F series CPU.


GPS: Comes with antenna connector, optional PSU for 5V or 12V/24V (ideal for vehicles)

ezRide: VERY high sensitivity @ -161dBm. Track inside your house!

Jupiter32: Low power, fairly good sensitivity


FPGAs: Comes with free web edition tools

Cyclone I:  1C3, 144 pin device, with configuration EEPROM and JTAG port

Cyclone I, 1C6, 240 pin device , with configuration EEPROM and JTAG port

More FPGAs are planned.


USB: Comes with USB connector (various versions)

FT2232: Dual RS232 and parallel

Vinculum: Dual USB device that can act as host (make your own MP3 player)


RS232 and RS485 converters:

MAX232 5V: Dual TTL to PC level converter.

MAX232 3.3V: Dual 3.3V level to PC Level converter. Great for FPGAs.

RS485 converters: Same as MAX232 only converters but with RS485 tranceivers.


PSUs: Convert 12V/24V to required voltages for specialized devices.

FPGA: 1.2V/1.5V, 3.3V and 5V

Modem: 3.3V, 3.6V and 5V


.............There are other modules planned but seeing as the site is still under construction I will add to the list on the next edit.

Payment options:

If you live in South Africa you have 2 options: (1) EFT bank transfer or (2) credit card via Setcom.

Outside South Africa please make sure that Setcom ( is available to you. Register a free account

with them before you attempt to buy. Note that shipping and insurance might change after ordering and that we might

require you to deposit additional funds to cover that.

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