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What do we do?

Simply put, we take difficult to work with components and make them easy to work with.

This allows you to build from simple to extremely complex systems with electronic building blocks.

What do we currently offer?

# The simplest products are the SMD carrier boards. They come unsoldered but allows you to use solder SMD ICs onto a board that allows easy prototyping with 100mils/2.54mm spaced header pins.

We currently stock SO-8, SO-14, SO-16 and SOJ-16.

You have a choice of the board alone or with unsoldered square pin headers or turned pin headers (very expensive - for use with breadboard).

You can also order sheets of boards. This is useful if you want to mount components with a pick and place machine. The panel has fuducials (reference dots) for this purpose.

#We currently have 3 CPUs available, namely the SiLabs F305, F310 and F120.

The F305 is a tiny 11 pin (3mm x 3mm) microcontroller that can clock up to 25MHz. The board itself is setup for a single channel Capacitor Sense input (to detect objects).

The F310 is a 32 pin device and can also clock up to 25MHz. You have an option of ordering with or without an external crystal.


The F120 is a monster of a microcontroller running up to 120MHz.  The board comes without a crystal but can be ordered with one in special cases. Lots of other features.

#GPS. We support the ezRide module, which has a very sensitive receiver (-161dBm). The module contains a 1F supercap for memory retention and onboard RF connector.

#GSM. We currently support various GSM modems but for now we can provide the Siemens MC55i module. The module contains a push-push SIM holder underneath the modem. Several antenna options are available. 


#USB. A few USB devices are planned but currently the Vinculum module is available. There are 4 firmware versions available but the most popular application is a Host application to interface to a common flash drive. Imagine building a 1gigabyte data logger. The interface is either a simple RS232, SPI or parallel FIFO.

#Power Supplies. The current PSU2 is a 90%+ efficient power supply driving up to 2A and can handle GSM requirements. The power output can be inhibited and you also have a 3.3V voltage reference output. The module can be ordered preconfigured for 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V(common for CPUs and GPS), 3.6V(common for GSM) and 5V. Modules can be supplied without feedback resistors for your own custom voltages.


#All modules fit onto standard 100mm wide Veroboard except the F120 microcontroller, which requires a slightly wider board.





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